Kylie Head

     Kylie Head is the acting consumer adviser for Northern Regional Alliance. She runs her own stroke coaching and mediation business. Assisting patients and their families after Stroke to attain personal goals communicate confidently, and re-connect within community are areas of her expertise. Personal insight in having had a stroke allows her to comprehend the needs of those living with the effects of stroke, as well as to 'be familiar with' the frustration and moral disillusionment that can occur after such an event.          

In addition to this Kylie participates on a number of clinical and consumer panels that focus on enhancing patient, clinical and rehabilitative care.        

Kylie has principal involvement in a collaborative study with Northern Regional Alliance in key areas of Stroke (prevention, intervention, and rehabilitation). In this role, Kylie engaged consumer feedback to highlight the key areas of strategic and clinical change.            

Involving patients in service improvement, listening, and responding to what they say can play a key part in the redesign of healthcare processes. However to date efforts have not necessarily focussed on the patient's experience, beyond asking what was good or not. How can we effectively engage consumer engagement?
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